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Why Wifi HotSpots for Gaming?

Imagine if you need to stop your game just because you need to leave home? Not with a portable gaming hotspot. With an unlimited data gaming hotspot, you can continue the fun of playing your favorite video games even if you are away from home. Our fast WIFI hotspot internet plans will add fun and excitement to your gaming experience. When looking for the best hotspots for gaming, you should consider the device that offers a higher internet bandwidth. A device’s bandwidth is ranked by categories, the higher the category the more bandwidth and speed the device offers. The best hotspot modems for gaming are CAT12 (Category 12) or above.


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Chose from 2 high-speed internet plans on AT&T® network, including a truly unlmited plan and 5g access.

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Unleash the power of 4G LTE rural internet from the most reliable network in America.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some frequently asked questions.
We offer a fast and reliable wireless internet connection that will give you more fun and excitement with your online gaming experience.

Our service works on a portable hotspot device, which means you can bring the device with you and stay connected anywhere you go. This also means that you can keep playing your favorite online games even if you are away from home.

The number of devices you can connect depends on the hotspot device. But usually, you can connect 10-20 devices all at the same time.

Town Broadband offers an unlimited internet service plan that will allow you to play your favorite online games anytime you want without worrying about any data threshold.

We offer CAT13 or superior hotspot routers that offer a higher internet bandwidth which is perfect for online gaming. The higher the category is, the more speed the device typically offers.

We have the Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G Mobile Hotspot Router that is compatible with the 5G network.


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I am so pleased with my order from Town Broadband which was delivered in two days.
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